Oriental mustard seed

oriental mustard seed

Oriental mustard seed (Brassica juncea) is an annual plant, SPRING. As well as yellow mustard and brown mustard seed blue heron found its application in medicine, industry and kitchen. Brassica juncea absorbs selenium, when it together with water passes through the roots.

Indian mustard otherwise transgenic mustard can accumulate up to 4.3 times more selenium than normal. Scientists are trying to enhance its capabilities. They want engulfed 10 to 100 times more than wild varieties of selenium.

Scientists seek to make in the future mustard deep blue used as a feed for cattle suffering from a deficiency of selenium in the diet.

Genetically altered mustard Blue Heron effectively cleanses the soil with selenium. This has been confirmed in California conducted field tests.
Confirmed information is the fact that arable land in some parts of California requires a very strong irrigation, but in the course of the water leaches selenium out of shales and "takes" it with him to the soil surface, and that's where selenium is concentrated in concentrations toxic to plants.