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Mustard Seeds

Yellow mustard is used as a spice. The hot, burning taste of mustard comes from the essential oils inside the seeds.    


Gorczyca Czarna

Mustard Seeds

Brown mustard seeds are used as condiment, but also in medicine. Their colour ranges from dark brown to black.

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Gorczyca Sarepska

Mustard Seeds

Oriental mustard contains tannins that demonstrate activity against microorganisms (bacteriae and viruses).

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We specialise in mustard seeds distribution.

Piast Agro Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company operating since 1990s. We have always cooperated with farmers and production companies in terms of contracting, purchasing and supplying mustard seeds.

Over the course of many years we have established reliable partnerships with production companies based in Poland as well as abroad, i.e. Czechia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Canada and Germany.

In order to meet the highest expectations of our clients, our grain undergoes an additional cleaning process using state-of-the-art technology. We are also IFS Food (ver. 7) certified.

Our offer includes: yellow mustard seeds, brown mustard seeds, oriental mustard seeds, mustard seeds for catch crop, industrial mustard seeds, and mustard seeds for therapeutic purposes.

We are your go to supplier for all types of mustard seeds.


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ifs food certification
We have been IFS Food certified (version 7, higher level) since 2022.
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Interesting facts and tips about mustard and mustard seeds

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interesting facts about yellow mustard seeds
Yellow mustard seeds are used as a spice. The plant is cultivated in many counties. Yellow mustard seeds have significant nutritional and therapeutic properties.
mustard and mustard seeds history
Mustard seeds are not just an ordinary spice; their properties have been valued for years in medicine, food and industry. Read about mustard seeds.
oriental mustard seeds
Oriental mustard seeds are seeds of an annual, cummer crop plant (Brassica juncea) that absorbs selenium. Just like yellow mustard seeds and brown mustard seeds, oriental mustard seeds are highly useful.
dishes with mustard seeds
Yellow mustard seeds have a bitter taste which give dishes a tangy flavour. Mustard seeds are an excellent component of spice mixes for meats, sausages and salads.