Yet another successful IFS audit

yet another successful ifs audit

This year's IFS audit at Piast Agro was an unannounced one. It means that one day in June an auditor from an accredited certification body knocked on our door and asked that we demonstrate and prove the compliance of our food safety and quality system with the requirements of International Food Standard (IFS). That is what we did and, as a result, we obtained a score within the range of 95 % - 100 % (our actual score was in fact above 98 %), which allowed us to maintain IFS version 7 higher level certification.

IFS Food is a GFSI-recognised standard for certifying safety and quality of food products and food production processes. It consists of 275 various requirements related to production processes, continuous improvement and other key aspects of company operations. Being certified within this standard proves that we have established a management system suitable for ensuring food safety and quality.