We are planting trees!

we are planting trees

As a company that has been operating in the field of agriculture and farm produce for years, we are truly aware of how important environment protection is. Therefore, apart from taking actions whose aim is to make sure we minimise our potential negative environmental and social impact, we also try to be as proactive as possible. We fully understand and take very seriously the issue of corporate social responsibility, therefore among other actions that we take we have also decided to... start planting trees.

In December 2023 we launched our cooperation with Posadzimy.pl. In a nutshell, they are a Polish company that plants trees for Piast Agro on behalf of our business partners. Each business transaction that happens between us and our customers and meets certain criteria results in a tree being planted by us (or rather by the team of Posadzimy.pl) on behalf of this very business partner. We also send tree planting certificates via e-mail! It may sound a bit complicated, but should you be interested in details, please visit Posadzimy.pl website (unfortunately, for the time being it is only available in Polish).

Our website: Piast Agro at Posadzimy.pl