Interesting facts about yellow mustard seeds

interesting facts about yellow mustard seeds

Yellow mustard seeds (Sinapis alba plant) are used as a spice. The hot, burning taste of mustard comes from the essential oils inside the seeds. Yellow mustard seeds have significant nutritional and therapeutic properties. Yellow mustard seeds also have wide application in the food industry: they can act as a preserving agent for vegetables or, when ground, they can be used to produce table mustard: mild and strong. They are added to pickled cucumbers, white and red cabbage. They are also used with fish, sausages, meats and pickles.

Yellow mustard seeds are considered a remedy for inflammation of the mucous membranes. What is more, they are often used in various gastric and digestive conditions, such as hyperacidity, intestinal catarrh. flatulence, constipation or gastritis.

In energy medicine, the radiation of yellow mustard seeds is considered to have analgetic and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps with headache, back ache and sinusitis. In folk medicine, radiation from yellow mustard seeds (Sinapis alba) is used externally  to help with rheumatic pain - there are pillows filled with mustard seeds available. The seeds are said to maintain their radiation properties for four years.