Oriental mustard seeds

(Brassica juncea)    

Oriental mustard, just like yellow and brown mustard also belongs to the Cruciferae family. It has straight, bush-like branches and can grow from 30 cm to 1,5 m tall. Its bottom leaves are pinnate whereas the top ones are not divided. The flowers form small, 5 cm long stalks that contain rounded light-brown seeds.

Oriental mustard seeds can contain up to 50 % of high quality fat that is used for producing cooking oil. They also have therapeutic qualities. When treated with water and heat, a substance called sinigrin extracts essential oil that is used in plasters and poultices. Unfortunately, this treatment has a downside - it causes redness of skin.

Brown mustard seeds are also beneficial for the digestive system and they can be used to treat hypertension or as an antipyretic agent.

Gorczyca Biała

Mustard Seeds

Yellow mustard is used as a spice. The hot, burning taste of mustard comes from the essential oils inside the seeds.    


Gorczyca Czarna

Mustard Seeds

Brown mustard seeds are used as condiment, but also in medicine. Their colour ranges from dark brown to black.

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Mustard Seeds

Oriental mustard contains tannins that demonstrate activity against microorganisms (bacteriae and viruses).

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